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ASF Institute provides a platform to students to excel in the field of chemistry. Institute firmly believes to deliver superior services in all the entrances examinations. Our program is highly structured and designed appropriately to cope with thepresent challenges. Intensive and rich content enables the student to understand and prepare themselves for the most prestigious examinations in the country. 

ASF has been known as the sincere institute among the student’s fraternity because of our dedication and commitment. The successful methodology of ASF system will be the key driving force in future as well with our infallible endeavor for success in IIT JAM/TIFR/NET/GATE exam along with other related entrances examinations. To sustain this continuing success, a strong faculty team is always maintained. 

Director Message

Mr. Kuldeep Garg
(M.Sc.,M.Tech, IIT Delhi,7+ years Exp.)
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Chhatra
(Ph.D, IIT Delhi Organic Chemistry,13+ Years Exp.in Organic Chemistry )

We're the faculty of ASF (Ashoka Scientific Forum) and it is a matter of great pleasure for us that we all are getting ready for a thrilling ride in Chemistry. During our teaching experience, we felt that the hidden facts of science may be made more and more clear to the students through problematic approach. Although, an ocean of material in Chemistry is available with you, yet the approach to design and solve problems has been a difficult task. To swim in the ocean effortlessly, ASF is always one step forward to let you know the techniques to cross this ocean of Chemistry.

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OUR MOTTO IS : Believe, Receive & Succeed

As we all know, the pattern for IIT-JAM has been changed from the year 2015, now including Objective, Multiple selective Question (MSQ) and Numerical Answer Type (NAT) which is extremely similar to GATE 

The section which may mislead the students is NAT, which is strictly based on GATE where you have to enter the entire answer as such, including decimals (if any) and not like JEE where the answer is a single  

Why ASF……